Monday, October 6, 2014

Culture in Colombia

Colombian culture resembles of other Latin American countries, although with certain particular elements that make it unique. Looking at the history of Colombia, for example, the Spanish colonial era has left behind a lasting influence across the country, as a high rate of Catholics in Colombian society. The Spaniards decimated the indigenous population, but even so, many of his contributions are still alive in music, language and Colombian traditions. 

The geographical layout of Colombia, with the hostility of his land and the abrupt varied climate, greatly hampering travel and communication, which has helped to promote regionalism. However, football remains a unifying element of Colombian society, despite the huge gap between economic classes. Since ancient times in the history of Colombia, the Carnival has become an occasion for people to gather and enjoy the party, which is an important aspect of Colombian culture. 

Music is an essential part of the culture of Colombia, having a great love of cumbia and vallenato nationwide. As everyone knows, Shakira comes from this Latin American country, and the Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, a leading figure in the literature of Colombia. Colombian art is often synonymous with Fernando Botero.